Herschel Supply Co. Is New At STAG!

Herschel Supply just delivered a new shipment full of exciting new colors and designs from their line of classic bags:




Check out the new arrivals from Herschel Supply Co. in the shop and online!

New Bags from Herschel Supply Co

We told you about some new arrivals from Herschel Supply Co just the other day. But then we got even more of them, and they’re every bit as good as the others, so now we’re telling you about these ones, too:





These new bags from Herschel Supply Co are available in the shop at 1423 South Congress Ave and online.

New Arrivals From Herschel Supply Co

Off to work, out on vacation, or back to school — wherever you’re going, Herschel Supply Co.‘s going to get you and your stuff there in style.




The new arrivals from Herschel Supply are available in the shop at 1423 South Congress Ave and online.

In Store and Online: New Arrivals from Herschel Supply Co

A new shipment from Herschel Supply Co. just arrived here at STAG. The Canadian company’s experiments with waxed fabrics, heavy-duty hardware, interesting colors, and classic styling continue to yield incredible results.

Herschel Supply Co is available in the store at 1423 South Congress Ave and online.

In Store and Online: Herschel Supply Co.

We just got a great new selection of messenger bags and backpacks in from our esteemed colleagues to the north, the Herschel Supply Co. They’re as useful on a camping trip as they are on your daily commute. Check ‘em out online or stop by 1423 South Congress Ave for a closer look.


The Herschel Supply Company

We know we’ve discussed Herschel Supply Co’s bags here a couple of times before, but we’re definitely talking about them again today. Why? Because Herschel keeps sending us incredible products, and we keep getting excited about them, and we keep feeling like we should share that excitement with you. So that’s what we’re doing today. Check ‘em out!

Herschel Supply Company: Back in Stock

We just received a new shipment from Herschel Supply Company, everyone’s favorite Canadian bag-makers. (Is there an official title for a bag-maker? Like how a guy who makes shoes is a cobbler?)

So, we’re stocked up again in the Heritage, Novel and the Little America. (By the way, we’re betting that “Little America” is what Canadians secretly call Canada, and that this is their way of letting us know.)

We also got new stuff from Herschel, like their amazing new Outfitter duffle bag and their new heavyweight 20 oz. canvas line.

Herschel Supply Co.

Herschel Supply Co’s bags — known for the joining of vintage inspiration with modern details — are now available at Stag! Come on in and check ‘em out.