A Weekend in Wimberley, TX

45 minutes and a world away. ‘Twas a good weekend.

Meanwhile, On the Internet …

Sometimes, we write the “compendium” a day or two early. This is one of those times. So, although the men’s 100m final is today, we don’t know the results yet. This is the stuff we’ve been paying attention to on the internet while we wait to see if Usain Bolt can repeat in London.

+ Above, the Tom Waits interview that apparently inspired Heath Ledger’s Joker. (via YMFY.)

+ Medal Count: a handy Olympic resource for casual fans like ourselves.

+ GQ released their list of the 25 most stylish films of all time. It’s a great list, but  The Thomas Crown Affair, Tokyo Drifter, and X-Men: First Class are all suspiciously absent.

+ Life + Times interviewed the fine folks behind The Hill-Side.

+ The Californians.

+ Four-Pins released their list of the 25 interesting people in Menswear. It’s a great list, but Christian McCann of Left Field, Jahn and Kurt from BKLYN Dry Goods, and whomever did the costume design for X-Men: First Class are all suspiciously absent.

In Store and Online: Men’s File #7

STAG only carries one magazine. That magazine is Men’s File.

In Store and Online: Vintage Rings

Here at STAG, we spend a lot of time concentrating on basics. We carry enough v-necks, crew necks, and button-ups to reasonably outfit most any man, and we stock enough denim to address just about every body type – because every living male needs shirts and jeans.

As important as the basics are, we can’t ignore the gentlemen in the market for advanced-level accessories. Take these vintage rings, for example. You’ve really got to know what you’re doing to wear one of these things. But if you do know what you’re doing, then you’ll know exactly how to wear one. That’s the thing about style: It can’t be taught, it must be earned.

STAG Recommends: Keith Davis Young Photography

We haven’t met Mr. Keith Davis Young yet, but our friend Caleb Owen Everitt (Texans are good at the whole triple name thing) turned us onto his work yesterday and recommended we collaborate on a future project we’ve got in mind.  According to Young’s website, “He currently enjoys the hell out of being based in Austin, Texas with his english bulldog, Moose. He will gladly have a beer with you.” Expect to hear from us real soon Keith. We’re now fans.

Jerry Garcia b. 1941

In Store and Online: Additional 25% Off Sale Goods

Summer days are so damned hot, you’re probably wearing at least 25% less clothing than you normally do. With regards to that, we’ve taken 25% off all items already on sale both in-store and online.  Those of you shopping the SALE online can enter promo code “25MORE” upon checkout to receive the discounted price.

Junior Kimbrough b. 1930

Junior Kimbrough, one of the baddest blues men to ever walk the Earth, was born 82 years ago today.  He and R.L. Burnside did the North Mississippi hill country blues better than anybody ever did.  True Americana at its absolute finest.

Mick Jagger b. 1943

Meanwhile, On the Internet …

Somehow, between the usual business of answering e-mails and adding products to our web store, we manage to find time to just sort of check things out on the internet. These are some of those things. 

+ The above video is for “Freedom at 21″ by Jack White. We like to imagine that some member of his team read the treatment for this and wasn’t sure it was going to work out and that Jack White had to tell them something like ‘Trust me. It’s like Frank Bullitt plays guitar. It will be the coolest thing you’ve ever seen me do. At least since the White Stripes broke up.’ And he, in this imagined narrative, was right.

+ Have y’all been following Rambler’s Bone? Because we certainly have been. (When you live in central Texas, it’s easy to spend a lot of time on the internet just looking at pictures of tall trees and fog.)

+ We’re not sure what made us feel older this week between realizing that Dirty is twenty years old now and that Appetite for Destruction is twenty-five years old now. Either way, we’ve started researching timeshares in Florida.

+ We check in every once in a while just to make sure, and the answer is always yes, between drinking dark & stormys in Maine and eating prosciutto very seriously in Italy, Michael Williams has the best gig in the universe.

+ We just got this book in from Rin Tanaka at the store, so we’ve spent a lot of time this week checking out his personal snapshots on his website. They’re great.

Meanwhile, On the Internet …

Most of our time on the internet this week was spent wondering why Kyrie Irving isn’t on the Olympic squad. These are some of the other things we’ve been paying attention to, too. 

+ The above video from Noah Kalina features Reggie Watts and a campfire.

+ Wax-Wane posted pictures of Steve McQueen, hung out with our friends from BKLYN Dry Goods, and provided a brief history of belted motorcycle jackets. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a perfect menswear blog post.

+ Ruschmeyer’s or Basecamp Hotel? Reading Life + Times has made making travel plans the best kind of difficult.

+ Esquire talked with former Rogues Gallery designer Aaron Levine.

Woody Guthrie b. 1912

In the Store and Online: Benjo’s Laces

Most of us, when we break a shoelace, we just use the same shortened shoelace. Not Ben Hertz. When he broke a shoelace, he started a whole amazing shoelace company called Benjo’s. His waxed cotton creations are available in four different sizes, two different weights, and a variety of colors. Stop by 1423 South Congress Ave or check them out online to get laced up.

Hunter Thompson b. 1937

“At age 22 I set what I insist is an all-time record for distance hitchhiking in Bermuda shorts: 3,700 miles in three weeks.” – HST in The National Observer, 1963

See some more HST quotes here…

An Unlikely Milestone

The Rolling Stones, as a band, turns fifty years old today.

Jack White b. 1975

Meanwhile, On the Internet …

{We put this compendium together a little early this week because of how awesome this year’s Freedom Ain’t Free flea market event is going to be was. So if anything major happens between now and when this is published, we’ll try to get to it next week. — ed.}

+ Above, the trailer for No No, a “dockumentary” on Dock Ellis, which can be funded here.

+ This week, scientists at the Aspen Center for Physics finally discovered the worst typeface in the universe.

+ RIP.

+ Four Pins’ “resident lady friend” begins her new column by explaining why you don’t want your girlfriend to shop for you.

+ The guy from Girls quit Girls, leaving only the other guy from Girls in Girls.

+ ‘The Tattooed, Undead Planes of the Airforce “Boneyard.’”

ART: Felipe Merida

Last night, we stumbled across Felipe Merida‘s artwork on Palmer Trading Co.’s website. (If you don’t know Palmer Trading Co., stop by next time you’re in NYC. It’s a great shop). But Felipe Merida, well, he’s absolutely killing us. Merida has established himself as a successful graphic designer in the world of apparel, but it’s his water color and pen and ink works that are really talking to us. We gotta get some of these for STAG.

In Store and Online: Herschel Supply Co.

We just got a great new selection of messenger bags and backpacks in from our esteemed colleagues to the north, the Herschel Supply Co. They’re as useful on a camping trip as they are on your daily commute. Check ‘em out online or stop by 1423 South Congress Ave for a closer look.


Happy 4th of July!!!