Meanwhile, On the Internet …

An ongoing compendium of the things on the internet we’ve been paying attention to throughout the week. Many of these can be found on our Twitter feed, which you can follow @stagaustin. 

+ Above, David Bowie’s video for “The Stars Are Out Tonight” is the most David Lynch-ian thing The Thin White Duke has done since he appeared in Fire Walk With Me.

+ Speaking of Bowie, his whole new record started streaming on iTunes this week. (Via Pitchfork.)

+ Ivy Style has a piece on Dick Cavett’s wardrobe as provided by J. Press.

+ 10 Engines offers a look at the new Muscle Car Forever stamps.

+ Esquire Magazine visited Aaron Levine’s office, and it’s every bit as awesome as we always suspected it was.

+ Single-topic tumblr of the week: Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food.