Meanwhile, On the Internet …

Here we present another installment in our ongoing compendium of the things on the internet we’ve been paying attention throughout the week. A lot of these links can be found as we discover them on our twitter feed.

The Drinking Show

+ The above photo of Marilyn Monroe and Lee Strassberg comes from “The Drinking Show,” which is a show about drinking.

+ A collection of stills from Film Noir title sequences.

+ There’s a Plexiglass 1939 Pontiac “Ghost Car” for sale, in case you want to make your own detective movie. You could call it Sixes and Eights, and have it be about a private eye who sneaks up on criminals. In his 1939 Plexiglass Pontiac “Ghost Car.”

+ 19 covers from famous magazines’ first issues.

+ Speaking of, Omni Magazine is coming back!

+ Ivy Style celebrates T. Hayashida, the photographer responsible for Take Ivy.