Meanwhile, On the Internet …

Here we present another installment in our ongoing compendium of the things on the internet we’ve been paying attention to throughout the week. A lot of these links can be found as we discover them on our twitter feed.

+ Above, watch the video for “Afterlife” by Arcade Fire. It’s great.

+ Aquarium Drunkard put up an excellent Big Star performance.

+ We got on a Doug Sahm kick this week. Here he is performing “Nuevo Laredo.”

+ This new video for “Like A Rolling Stone” does for music videos what “Like A Rolling Stone” did for popular music. (By which we mean: this video is a kind of reinvention of the form, and for the better.)

+ This week Esquire presented Jerry Seinfeld and Louis C.K. reading the Gettysburg Address and showcased some of the best-designed products of all time. They’re on a roll over there.

+ 100 years of rock music in under a minute.