Meanwhile, On the Internet …

An ongoing compendium of the things on the internet we’ve been paying attention to lately.

+ If you’re asking if we’re going to post every single video that Ty Segall releases, the answer is “probably.”

+ David Roth discusses what makes the New England Patriots so frightening over at The Classical.

+ It’s a good thing that William Gibson has a new (really excellent) book out, because he has to do a bunch of press to promote it, and William Gibson’s interviews are almost as good as his books. There’s one over at The Verge right now.

+ Letters of Note republished the first known mention of The Great Gatsby.

+ How to be a Retronaut put up a collection of photographs of photographers with their best-known photographs courtesy of Behind Photographs.

+ The Huffington Post interviewed Zack from Austin’s own Alamo Drafthouse for their article about The Secret of Magic Island.